Semi-Final Live Round – Solo Category Only

SEMI-FINAL LIVE ROUND- Solo category only

(Entry fee: $120, includes the final round)


  • The Semifinal round will be held June 26th -27th, 2019 and will be open to the general public. Each contestant must appear before the panel of judges at his/her designated time.
  • Warm-up rooms at assigned times will be available to all semi-finalists.
  • Semi-final round results will be announced at the end of each day of the Semi-final performances.



Semi-final Time Limit:

The performance time limit is determined by the level entered, and the contestant’s performance may be stopped once the time limit is exceeded.


Elementary A:       up to 6 minutes

Elementary B:        up to 8 minutes

Intermediate A:     up to 10 minutes

Intermediate B:     up to 12 minutes

Advanced A:         up to 14 minutes

Advanced B:          up to 16 minutes



Semi-final Repertoire Requirements for Solo category:

  • Two original contrasting piano compositions of different musical eras. Elementary level participants may perform compositions of the same time period if they are contrasting in nature/character.
  • Collections of short works (Example: Chopin’s Preludes) are allowed.
  • Contestant may use the piece/pieces from the Preliminary (video) round.
  • Memorization is required.