Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition 2018

We are pleased to offer an opportunity for young pianists to compete and showcase their pianistic artistry to the Indianapolis community and surrounding areas. The Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition is positioned to become a significant source of music education and advancement for young piano talents worldwide, providing them with evaluation by a distinguished panel of international judges and the opportunity to perform at a world-class facility.

DATES: June 27 to July 1, 2018

AGE REQUIREMENTS: Competitors must be at least 5 years old and no older than age 18 on June 1st, 2018 (pre-college students only).


  • The competition is open to young pianists of any ethnic origin.
    Previous Grand Prize winners may not compete again in the same category.
  • Contestants may apply in one or more following categories (no limit):
        a) Solo    d) Concerto
b) Duet  e) Contemporary/Featured Composers
c) Ensemble (4 hands – 2 pianos, 6 hands – 1 piano or 2 pianos, 8 hands – 2 pianos)
  • Accompanist for Concerto category may be provided by Carmel Klavier for an additional fee of $75 for Elementary and $150 for Intermediate and Advanced levels (includes up to two rehearsals and performances times).


Carmel Klavier Competition levels are determined by the competitor’s age as of June 1st, 2018.

Elementary A: ages up to 7 Elementary B: ages up to 9
Intermediate A: ages up to 11 Intermediate B: ages up to 13
Advanced A: ages up to 15 Advanced B: ages up to 18
  •  The competition consists of three rounds: Preliminary, Semifinal, and Final.
  • If a contestant chooses to withdraw from the competition, he/she is asked to notify the competition committee at least 48 hours prior to the beginning of the designated round.
  • Any violation of the rules and regulations by the contestant may result in his/her expulsion from the competition, which is irrevocable.


  • All decisions of the jury are final and are not subject to appeal.
  • If performances do not meet the established performance quality criteria for the competition, the jury reserves the right to not award a prize in one or all categories.
  • The jury reserves the right to interrupt any performance exceeding the allotted time limit.

Click here to download CK Rules and Regulations 2018