Marina Lomazov (USA)


Vibrant, joyous, inspiring and uplifting event. Carmel Clavier International Piano Competition for Young Artists is a place to be for budding piano virtuosos. Joseph Rackers and I were privileged to be a part of it and hear so much wonderful playing and world-class teaching.



Tania Kozlova (ISRAEL)

Tania K.

It was a big privilege to be a part of the Carmel Klavier – an outstanding competition for young pianists. Thank you, Carmel Klavier, for this wonderful experience and organization.





Anna Smiekhova (UKRAINE)

Anna Smehova

Despite complex repertoire, young students present such admirable skills, like virtuosity and artistry. Participants expressed deep knowledge of the musical form and content of the music I would like to acknowledge the excellent work of the teachers.




Samir Mirzoev (TURKEY)

Samir Mirzoev

The opportunity for young musicians to perform on stages such as Palladium, develops an aesthetic perception of the world…in some way, it may even define their career choice in life.






Irina Mints (GERMANY)           

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5 stars!!! The best piano competition I’ve seen… perfect organization… I definitely want to return again!!!




Margarita Denenburg (USA)

Margarita This competition marks a wide range of talent, artistry and outstanding professionalism.